Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Further Notes from the Hinterland

All right, I confess. My NaNo novel has vampires.

No, no, no -- nothing Twilight or Moonlight or Forever Knight or Angel or romantic about 'em.

Think more Dracula, but less with the hairy palms and sleeping in boxes of Transylvanian dirt.

There are swords involved -- of course, there are swords involved! -- as well as an old truck, a vendetta, a spyglass, and a biker gang.

I can't say more, because
1) I don't want to lose my creative momentum,
2) I don't want to give away the story (and if I start talkin', who knows where I'll shut up--yep, I said where, because I can wander all over the conversational landscape),
3) I honestly don't think anyone's ever written anything quite like this before, and I want to keep it to myself. Until it's published, of course.

31,000 words down -- 19,000 to go.


Phy said...

Sounds delightful! I was going to ask how things were going. This is great news!

The Texican said...

Don't read this comment - Just keep writing.

Anonymous said...
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beth♥ said...

Thank goodness. Vampires as they should be. Keep going!!

Keanan Brand said...

Thanks for the encouragement, y'all!

It's been a frenetic month, and I'm glad it's over.

Now. On to more writing.