Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Hurry

So, discussions for Phase 3 of the Marcher Lord Select Premise Contest are up over at The Anomaly. Dragon's Rook made it past the second round, but it's definitely not a favorite for the third round.

From some of the comments discussing the contest entries, I gather that many of the readers who are casting votes are not readers of fantasy or science fiction or both, which makes me scratch my head and wonder why they're participating. It'd make as much sense as me wandering over to cast a vote in a romance novel competition: "This whole girl-meets-boy scenario isn't my thing, but I guess I'll vote for that entry over there. At least all the words are spelled right."

And then there are some snarky comments, and some over-the-top praises, and at least two predictions about different novels each being the final winner.


To tell the truth, last week I almost asked the contest administrator to remove my novel from the contest. There's something a little juvenile and needy about the whole thing, as if I'm jumping up and down and shouting, "Look at me! Look at me! Pick me, pick me, pretty please, pick me."

I guess I'm of the mind that, if the writing's any good, it'll be noticed. Eventually. What's the rush?

This from a writer who spent about fifteen years, from merest hint of an idea to full-blown novel, writing the darn thing.

But, really, what's the rush?


Anonymous said...

wow. fifteen years--didn't realize that! I'm linking to your site on my wordpress. And I like the new look for your page! JS

Keanan Brand said...

Yeah, time flies.

In one respect, it can be pretty depressing to count all the years spent on a project that others speak about poorly, but the flip side is that I actually finished it. I didn't let my natural impatience get the better of me, nor did I let the naysayers win. At this point, it's not so much about being published as it is finishing all five manuscripts.