Sunday, May 16, 2010

By Darkness Hid - Day 1

This month's Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour features the first in the YA fantasy series, Blood of Kings, by Jill Williamson.

If I'd met By Darkness Hid when I was twelve, I'd be totally into it. Back then, my own writing abilities were limited -- I hadn't found my way yet, and was always trying to copy someone else -- but I was already a master at being totally absorbed in fantastical tales. If this story were around when I was twelve, I'd be fighting off the bullies right along with Achan, and be curious about the strange names, the goo that Achan's forced to drink, the religion or the ruling class, or why Sir Gavin wants a stray to become his squire.

This is an abbreviated post, but I'll have more to say about the book in the next couple of days. Meantime, check out these stops on the tour:

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KM Wilsher said...

12 or 22 or 38. I loved this adventure called by Darkness Hid. the bloodvoicing abilities and the "strays".
Fun fun.

I can't wait to read your next posts!

Rachel Starr Thomson said...

Presumably "if I was 12" means you weren't all that into it? I had a similar reaction, except that I got all nostalgic as I remembered reading stories like this when I was 12 and how much fun it all was. But I really enjoyed it even apart from all the nostalgia :).

Keanan Brand said...

KM and Rachel -- It's an intriguing premise, and I can see myself as a kid, latching onto this book as soon as I saw it on the shelf.

But I'll go into more of my reaction whenever I finally get the second post ready -- which may not be till later tonight, the way this day's shaping up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jill Williamson said...

Ah, the genre issues. Jeff Gerke doesn't publish young adult books, but I wrote this for teens, so I'm glad that it has that appeal.

Looking forward to your reaction. Thanks for touring the book, Keanan!

R. L. Copple said...

Hey, Keanan, good summary and review. I can't imagine that any age wouldn't want to read this.

BTW, my link on the list points to someone else's blog. Should be

Krysti said...

Yes, I also think this book has great potential for attracting Y.A. readers!

Keanan Brand said...

Jill and Krysti -- Thanks for visiting! As for the genre labels, well, Jeff may SAY he doesn't publish YA fiction, but that's my take on your story: younger protagonists tend to draw younger readers, and BDH has a definite youth appeal.

Rick -- I've fixed your link for Days 2 & 3. Thanks for the heads-up!