Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Things About E-Readers

SmartMoney has an article up today that gives ammunition to the "actual book" side of the "book v. e-reader" debate: 10 Things E-Books Won't Tell You: Don't dismantle those bookshelves just yet. We reveal why e-reading is still far from perfect.

 A brief rundown of the points (as listed in today's "Shelf Awareness" newsletter:

  1. "We're not one-reader-fits-all."
  2. "Sometimes you're buying spam."
  3. "Good luck grabbing our sales and freebies."
  4. "Our prices are under investigation."
  5. "Better watch your data bill."
  6. "Borrowing isn't as easy as we make it out to be."
  7. "We don't have much marketing clout..."
  8. "...But our presence is still killing bookstores."
  9. "The extras will cost you."
  10. "E-books are the new latte."

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