Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Around the Yard

I took almost one hundred photos last Saturday afternoon, just wandering around the back yard. Here are only four--not necessarily the cleverest or the best, but a few I like.

Here's where I hung the camera bag when it became a nuisance.

For some reason, I like the look of bare branches against a blue sky.

Here's little snow and a little spring, a little out of focus.

On my way back inside, I saw this in the neighbor's yard, so I poached a photo of it.


The Texican said...

Nice work on the photos. Reminded me of winter's end in the Fort.


Thanks. Next time I feel like wrestling Blogger, I might put up a few more.

Fridays are photography days at the Club; this week, I'm setting up for the annual contest, and maybe teaching the weekly class, if there's time. I don't know much, but I can give a kid a camera and tell him (or her) to use imagination, and we get some great pictures.

Anonymous said...

The flower is perfect!