Monday, March 31, 2008


This was written a few years ago; poetry being subjective, I'll leave any deeper meaning up to you.


My map is crossed
with thin blue highways
and squiggled yellow highlighter
and fat red interstates.

Do I take the easy ways,
the broad, straight roads
with bright green signs
and regular mile markers
that tick off the time
and make me feel safe?

How can I get lost
with so many things to guide me?

But what if I don’t want to be safe?
What if something tugs me
toward the dust
and the rolling curves
and the green isolation
of the backroads,
toward the towns travelers never see
except when they take the wrong exits

and are lost?

KB, June 2003


Eaglewing said...

I like it. Sometime it's a better journey on the roads less traveled.

The Texican said...

Now you've done it- Stepped into my bailiwick. Where has this been all my life? Great poem. Share a few more from time to time.


Thanks, both of you.

I guess I recalled this poem 'cause I'm restless right now. Gotta go and do and be anywhere but here.

Actually, I meant to post this poem and one other, and that's all for now. No stepping on Tex! (I seem to recall something about messing with Texas--as in, DON'T!)

Eamon said...

Really enjoyed this one.

Which part is the correct part of the poem (the part that we should follow). I am not sure. But then I guess making the right choices in life is not always straight forward / black and white either, and need time and care to work out.



Sometimes, I just want to leave the main highway, and drive till I'm done. I did this sort of thing several years ago, with a journal and a cheap camera, stopping only to take photos or write thoughts, poems, whatever, or to walk/hike someplace interesting.

Eamon said...

Doing something different. Seeing things from another angle. All of this helps you to see the big picture better. See what you could do differently / better.
Sorry getting a bit over philisophical now ..