Sunday, July 20, 2008

Juvenile Entertainment

I'm not one to linger around YouTube, but here's the link to a fun, smart, interesting video that made quite a sensation about a year ago. It's called "American Toy Boy," and it's the work of an Etch-A-Sketch artist. Prepared to be amazed, and watch it over and over, share it with friends and family, revisit it (as I just did) a long time later.


Just finished some pleasure reading, a young adult book for girls that I think boys will enjoy just as much (and adults, too): The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. It has the lyrical qualities of a fairy tale, and it's long enough to surround the reader in another world, long enough to make that world seem real and go-to-able.

By the way, my copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys arrived this past week, and I look forward to diving in. I noticed there is also a book for girls, but haven't checked that out yet.

Which reminds me: I need to make some real progress on the story for my niece. I've added some scenes she hasn't read yet, but I promised to have the little notebook filled by October, and I'm just not sure (shock, horror) where the story's going to go from here.

I'm hand-writing it in a small, spiral-bound notebook with conveniently numbered pages; so, aside from my terrible penmanship, it's almost like reading a real book. Now, if only I could tell a real story!


willow said...

I have a fondness for children's books and have a whole shelf in my bookcase reserved for them.

Love your new page look!

The Texican said...

Juvenile Entertainment - I'm in. Thanks for the tips. I now have to return to those volumes for my grandkids. Have a great week. Pappy

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

You are too modest. Your niece will be thrilled, I know, with the finished product....


Willow - Thanks! I was looking for something different, and nautical stuff is almost always cool.

Tex - (laugh) In your case, grandkids; in my case, my nieces and the kids at work: any excuse for childish amusement.

Lavinia - Yeah, I know a "real" story is in the works, but sometimes I get frustrated or impatient, and wish inspiration wasn't such hard work. Put in the work, though, and the inspiration will come--eventually.