Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poetry, Science Fiction, and Future Plans

The poetry chapbook for the Club's 2008 contest is complete, as of about 4:45 p.m. today. Whoo Hoo!

I needed close-ups of faces and flowers and foliage. Since I couldn't find quite what I was looking for in the various graphics available to me on CD, I used some of my own photos for the cover and on some of the interior pages. The end result is quite nice, if I do say so myself.


Johne Cook a founding editor (ahem, pardon me, a founding Overlord) at Raygun Revival magazine--a great resource for folks who like a bit of pulp in their science fiction, along with some excellent artwork--has invited me to submit Space Pirates as an upcoming serial, and I'm going to do it.

Therefore, if all goes well, there will be no more episodes of SP posted here. The crew of the Martina Vega are moving on to other skies, but they will still be the same pirates you know and love--with a few twists, so those of you who've already read the first fifteen episodes will find the material fresh despite the familiarity.

Raygun Revival is free to download, so wander on over and check it out. While there, you might read Johne's own piratey tale, The Adventures of the Sky Pirate, a serial adventure. (See why Space Pirates needs a new moniker?)

Much as I need to wander the blogosphere and visit my friends, as soon as I finish this post, I am returning to the Vega so that I may have the first chapter ready by the weekend. Wish me well!


Three more days of work this week, a Saturday spent at a family reunion, and then the rest of the following two weeks is mine, all mine. I intend to do a lot of writing then, and some editing, and (I hope) a bit more blogging than I've done of late.

So, from my desk in Arkansas, in near-100-degree heat even at 9:00 p.m. (thank God for air conditioning), I'm signing off for the night, and I'll see y'all soon.


The Texican said...

Congratulations for finding an outlet for your serial work. Tell me I am not going crazy. I saw a series of Haiku on my reader with your site as the indicated origin. By the time I got around to coming by for a comment I couldn't find them. What gives? Pappy


You're not crazy, Tex. I did post some haiku, then I took down the post. Not sure why; gut feeling, I guess.

Thanks for the congrats. I hope they're warranted--Mr. Cook and his fellow Overlords haven't seen the new version of the first chapter yet. I try not to count on too many things until they actually happen. Does that make me a pessimist? (laugh)

Phy said...

Hey, everyone,

I'm Johne Cook, aka Phy, from Ray Gun Revival.

I've read the first chapter of the newly-named serial (I won't reveal the name - that's for Keanan to announce, but I think it's a great fit for the story, and I'm confident y'all wil agree). All I can say is 'Wow!'. Keanan really captures the mood and spirit of the sort of serial story we were looking for, and I'm in instant fan.

At this point, if all parties are agreed, RGR is looking forward to sharing the first chapter of his serial novel very soon. I'm delighted with how well Keanan integrated the smaller posts into a substantive chapter. It just works.

Congratulations, Keanan. You're creating something really special, here, and I can't wait to share it with everyone.