Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fantasy on the Road

This week, the Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour is on the road. This is a cool concept, and it's been drumming up enthusiasm for Christian fiction.

Check out the work of some of the writers in the tour:

Wayne Thomas Batson
Bryan Davis
Sharon Hinck
Christopher Hopper
L.B. Graham
Donita Paul
Eric Reinhold
Jonathan Rogers

The Miller Brothers are also participating.

NOTE: In the weekly Story Time at the Boys & Girls Club, I am reading aloud one of Jonathan Rogers' books, The Bark of the Bog Owl, the first in his The Wilderking Trilogy. One girl who came to the session for the first time last week was enthusiastic--"Great story!"--even though she's jumping into the middle of the action.


Lavinia said...

I've never read a Christian fiction book...You are a man of numerous interests.

By the way I have been printing off and reading your writing, but I see I have some catching up to do here ...

The Texican said...

I see you have been successful Keanan. I get in reading ruts at times and don't try new authors unless they are recommended. Thanks for the nudge. Pappy


I'm all for getting the word out on books in the genres in which I write (Christian fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy).

So, the more books y'all read, the more likely mine might be published. See how my mad mind works?