Monday, September 29, 2008

Small Updates

1) As of this past Wednesday, my brother is a second lieutenant in the Air Force. Whoo Hoo! He's hunting a house while his family returns home to finish packing for the move.

2) At the Club, I'm preparing the kids for a mock election. It's amazing how opinionated 10-year-olds can be about the next president. There's one boy who snagged a form letter his father received from the McCain campaign, read it through, then proceeded to tell his dad all sorts of facts about McCain that were not already in the letter.

3) Football and soccer season are in full swing, so work's busier. I manage the soccer concession. In a few minutes, I'm heading to Sam's Club to pick up more supplies. Thank God for trucks.

4) I've finally finished the first draft of Episode 4 of Thieves' Honor. This one is the first in a possible three-episode arc concerning Finney, pilot of the Martina Vega, and there are a lot of characters and events to track throughout the story, so I anticipate at least three or four edits before sending it in to the magazine. You can catch the first episode at the September issue of Ray Gun Revival; the October issue is due later this week. This is some of the funnest hard work I've ever done in the writing realm.


BT said...

Huge congratulations to your brother, brilliant. What a busy busy person you are with your football et al.

Thanks for popping by the Deenery occasionally too,


Anonymous said...

Hey--kids can be really opnionated!;) Speaking of fun hard work, I know what you mean: and I think you have a blast writing the humor in that tale!

Anonymous said...

Opinionated! Look how bad my spelling is getting!


BT - Gracias! I need to head over to your page; I'm behind on all my blog reading.

Jade - The opinions keep flying, not all of them informed, if you know what I mean. And no worries about the spelling; you should see some of my fat-fingered typing!

Lavinia said...

Lotsa things happening down Keanan way........congrats to your brother, and to you!