Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ray Gun Revival and Thieves' Honor

Issue #46 of online science fiction magazine, Ray Gun Revival, is now up and ready to read.

Wander on over and check out fantastic artwork, great columns, and an entertaining array of science fiction. Great fun for readers who love the old pulps or just enjoy good stories.

My serial, Thieves' Honor, debuts in this issue of RGR, and I'd like to know your feedback--the good, the bad, and the indifferent--on the first episode.

Thanks to all of you who followed the story on this blog, when I was posting short episodes under the title of "Space Pirates." You can follow along with upcoming episodes by reading them for free at Ray Gun Revival each month, and by downloading the PDF version of the magazine.


Phy said...

It is a delight and honor for Ray Gun Revival to feature Keanan's work in our magazine. The moment I first read the beginning of his Space Pirates tale, I knew we had a great deal in common, and with the end of one serial from John M. Whalen, this series came along at just the perfect time. It is a real credit to Keanan's skill, professionalism, and sheer space opera chops that he was able to take some fun ideas and pull them together in a professional-quality chapter on short notice. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Welcome to RGR!


Thanks, Johne!

I hope the fun and the professionalism continue! (The fun might, but the professionalism?)