Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BROKEN ANGEL - Day 3, CSFF Blog Tour

Just finished reading the book, and--overall--I like it.

I might understand a little of what Mr. Brouwer must be feeling in the duration of this blog tour. His work is being analyzed, picked apart, praised or pummeled, and there's nothing he can do about it. He's like a parent who must stand afar while his child walks among strangers who may or may not accept such a creature into their midst.

As a writer who has endured my share of critiques that are more critical than helpful, I cringe inside when asked to critique someone else's work, even when it's work I like. Critiques are good--even the ones that come from hostility or envy or dislike--because they can help us sensitive creative types develop the necessary ability to set feelings and defensiveness aside and look at our work with objectivity.

(It's that skill, as well as the ability to inhabit someone else's story, that makes one a good editor.)

On the other hand, it's really cool when someone says something good about our work, the result of all our effort, blood, and ink.

So, here goes. My favorite part of Broken Angel is the scene where (spoiler alert!) Caitlyn's wings break through the skin of her back. In one respect, not much happens--she's trying to escape a baddie named Mason Lee, and the wings thing occurs at a tense point in the chase, and the chase is the story.

But, on the other hand, everything happens.

The ending scene with Jordan and Caitlyn, the damaged father-daughter relationship, that's real. It's fiction, but it's real.


sbrouwer said...

Hello Keanan,

thanks for the encouraging words. I'm especially glad you picked up on the father/daughter aspect. It's one of the reasons I decided to write the sequel -- so that the breach could be fixed.




Thanks. I'll be looking for the sequel.