Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Dark Knight

I just arrived home from watching The Dark Knight, the latest entry in the Batman franchise.

There are reviews all over the internet, so I won't write another. Once I've been able to sit back and absorb the film I've just experienced, perhaps I will add my thoughts on ideas raised in the movie.

Right now, however, I'm amazed, confounded, and floundering for words.


Lavinia said...

Wasn't planning on seeing it. But I'll be interested to read your thoughts once the floundering has subsided...

Phy said...

Heh. fwiw, it took three weeks before /my/ floudering would subside, however, Keanan is sharper than I am, and I rather doubt it will take him as long. ;)

My daughter saw TDK yesterday afternoon. She had two comments: 'wow,' and 'it was so dark.' I agree with both sentiments. However, she felt it was /so/ dark that she wasn't interested in seeing it again. I would have seen it for a 4th time after church today but my son, who stayed up all night pulling summer gamer's hours, was afraid of falling asleep in the film, so we tabled that until next weekend.

My daughter felt the film hit too close to home with themes of terrorism and having to make impossible moral choices. Personally, I'm delighted to see Hollywood choosing to get out of the shallows into deeper, darker waters.