Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I posted a relative's unintentionally funny remark the other day, and it reminded me of a couple of stories Mom dredged up from family history. They might be humorous only in context, but then you might recognize similar characters in your own family.

1) First, to understand what happens next, you must know that my paternal grandmother fed everyone who walked in the door, whether they wanted food or not, and she met protests to the contrary with cups of coffee, plates of biscuits, bowls of cornbread and milk.

I was still an infant, and Mom was fasting one day, and praying. For some reason, she and I had to go to her in-laws' house, where they were just sitting down to breakfast.

Grandma - "Are you hungry?"

Mom - "I'm fasting today, and praying."

Grandma - (puts an empty plate in front of her) "Just in case."

2) Mom's grandmother was a lot like Mom's mother-in-law, but smaller. 

In this corner: Great-Grandma J, 4'11" or thereabouts, a frail little woman from Sweden. 

In that corner: Bill, a crusty old cowboy who had been like my dad's foster father, and a harder-headed individual would be difficult to find.

GG J - "Hungry?"

Bill - "No, thanks."

GG J - (pointing imperiously) "Shut 'er up and eat."

He ate.

It was the only time any of us had ever seen him cowed by a female, let alone a miniature septuagenarian. 


The Texican said...

My mom is the same way Keanan. If you go visit you had better be prepared to eat. It matters little if you want to or not. Guilt will be piled on your plate until you accept food. Pappy

Lavinia said...

I can only echo what Pappy says. I had the same kind of mom.