Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Legend of the Seeker

For those who read and view fantasy, The Legend of the Seeker is now in its second week of episodes. It's based on The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

It's filmed in New Zealand, and--from the images on the website--it has a great look. Since it plays on an obscure channel in my area, I would have to listen more than watch; the picture is intermittent between the grey lines of fuzz.

I read the first few books in the series--three or four--but each book was not as intriguing to me as the first, Wizard's First Rule, upon which these early episodes are based. Catch a sample of the book here or buy it here.

There are interesting episodes in the subsequent books, but I felt the story was dragging on too long and tangling and tripping over itself, and I so I never finished reading the series. There is plenty of material for several seasons of a television show, that's for certain.

FYI: Craig Parker (Haldir, The Lord of the Rings) plays the baddie, Darken Rahl. I'd like to see that.


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Actually, he's quite good as the baddie. Seems to be enjoying himself as the villain, as a matter of fact. You can check out the current episodes on the Seeker website, or on