Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost Genre Guild - Day 3

All right. I've done it. I'm dipping my hermit-y toes into new waters. I've submitted a request for membership in Lost Genre Guild.

Fellow writers of speculative fiction might want to check out LGG's Recommended Resources page to find sites, publishers, and newsletters dedicated to Biblical speculative fiction.

To join or to just get more information, head over the About the Lost Genre Guild; scroll down the page to find the Membership Enquiries link, or to click on "What is Biblical Spec-Fic?" for a definition of the term.

Other blogs on the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour have had a lot of positive things to say about LGG. You can check out those posts by visiting thewriters listed in the left sidebar of my blog, under CSFF Blog Tour Participants.


By the way, Episode 4 of Thieves' Honor (The Game: Opening Moves) is now up at Ray Gun Revival. Once again, the cover art is awesome, and the stories are entertaining, and the reviews are informative. All sorts of science fiction goodness on tap at Ray Gun!

Episode 5--"The Game: Shooter"--was the least fun to write, and still feels awkward, but I had to stop worrying the words on the page and just let the story go.

Episode 6 would probably already be written, if not for all the extra time spent with family during Christmas week and this week. I hope to have the episode finished and polished by the first week of January, but that's cutting it kinda close for the deadline.


The Texican said...

Go for it Keanan. If you are up to dipping hermit y toes into things, I guess the ankle is recovering. Have a great 2009. Pappy

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great news, Keanan. Nothing better than seeing the Christian speculative community come together!