Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, the Vitriol

Due to recent questions of my own, and to a post on Rebecca Miller's blog, I've been doing a little research on books about the evolution vs. creation debate.

My, my, my.

When one reads the comments or reviews about certain books, especially those that dare refute evolutionary theory or call it into question, the acid can kill. Folks who don't buy the myth that evolution is 100% provable and is therefore a law are subject to mockery and declarations of ineptitude, ignorance, and stupidity.

It's as if challenging evolution is so scary that it is met with vitriolic name-calling, the battle position of the weak, of those who are so uncertain of their own belief that they can't handle anyone pushing against it. The bitterness against faith, monotheistic religion, and God only reinforces the weakness.

There is the implication in the ongoing argument that only evolution is real science, despite the fact that it cannot be proven empirically. Any facts or scientific evidence presented against evolution are swatted aside as inaccurate, impossible, the trumped up fallacies of religious zealots.

Seems to me that such ardent debate on behalf of a theory smacks of the faith of a true believer.


Phy said...

I was in a seminar on Saturday about Christian mindset and culture, and the presenter made the point from Romans 12:2 that the world's agenda is very clear, that it is trying to conform our minds to its own pattern. Furthermore, we are to resist that conformity by renovating our minds to a higher ideal.

It seems to me that if there is truth about how this world was created, how life came to be, what all this means, that it is intellectually and morally advantageous to be courageous enough to search and seek out the truth.


Resisting conformity--tough, and it's constantly getting me into trouble. Fitting in or "group think" is not necessarily the best way to go about one's life.

I've ordered three books by various authors, and am looking forward to getting an informal education in the whole evolution/creation debate.

Technonana said...

Hmmm, turning all of this over in my brain.
One day, we shall all know THE TRUTH!!! Oh to be Free!!


Amen, Techie!