Saturday, February 28, 2009


As kith and kin already know, I don't have cable / satellite / nifty TV, so I catch up on some shows via their online episode players or by DVD rentals.

I've been wanting to see Eureka -- find out what everyone else already seemed to know -- but my attempts to watch it online have been interrupted, or the player would be less-than-stellar in its performance, and every time I checked the video store, there was always Season Two on the shelf, but no Season One. Not this weekend, my first full weekend off in weeks. Whoo Hoo! Aside from performing necessary chores (laundry's underway, for instance), I've been a science fiction couch potato for the past couple of nights and the first part of today, and now I'm a Eureka freak.

I'm always late to the dance, but I get there. Eventually.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have not even heard of this. TV and I have a uncommitted relationship, but I shall check this one out!

Eaglewing said...

Somehow this slipped under my radar, but I'll have to look into it. Sounds intriguing. Enjoy your sci-fi relaxation time.


PTE - I tend to catch very few shows on television, but what I like, I really like, and have either purchased or been given several shows on DVD, so I can watch whenever I wish, as many times as I wish. Eureka is definitely on the "to be owned" list.

Eagle - I did my relaxing, and then shot back into the stresses of work, putting in nearly a week's worth of hours in just three days. Ah, well! I definitely recommend the show.