Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead - Day 1

The May entry in the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour is Tuck, third in the King Raven Trilogy by Stephen R. Lawhead, retelling the Robin Hood legend.

Hood begins the saga, telling how Bran ap Brychan becomes Rhi Bran y Hud (Robin Hood); Scarlet recounts how Will Scarlet joins the band, is imprisoned, and tells his tale to Brother Odo, a monk with a secret desire for adventure; and Tuck continues the exploits of the outlaw band by presenting much of the story from Brother Aethelfrith's (Friar Tuck's) point of view, and introduces Alan a'Dale.

Confession: Scarlet is my favorite of the three, but each one is a solid entry in the series.

I pre-ordered Tuck late last year, before I knew it was on the list of upcoming tour items. However, as I have a stack of reading material -- some required, some pleasure -- that is literally three feet tall, Tuck wasn't read until late April. It's an entertaining adventure, and I wish I could have read it earlier.

I'll discuss the book further over the next couple of days, and compare it to my first encounter with the written form of the Robin Hood legend, the version by Howard Pyle that my father used to read to me and my brother. The volume is tattered and faded now, and in need of spinal repairs, but the elaborate illustrations are still vibrant and the language still enticing to the imagination.

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Christopher Hopper said...

Can you post a pic of your Howard Pyle book? That would be cool to see! ch:

Keanan Brand said...


BooksforLife said...

I second that! I've never heard of Howard Pyle, but from what my brief google search reveals, he lived a century ago, so his book must [hehe..] be old as well. It would be interesting to see his version of the tale.

Keanan Brand said...

Books - Indeed, that would be the logical conclusion. You may proceed to the head of the class!

I'll be posting a scan tomorrow of the front of my copy of HP's version. Turns out, there are gazillions of editions in print, but I'm kinda partial to the one I grew up with.