Saturday, May 16, 2009


My mind elsewhere, I cast a glance at a bookshelf, and a row of books jolted me into another track. The titles are research books for a story I want to write -- have wanted to write for fifteen years, maybe twenty -- set during The Great War (WWI). I've purchased histories, volumes of letters or diaries of soldiers, spent a lot of money on the background material, but I haven't made notes or written any scenes for that story in maybe five years. Yet it lurks on the edges of my imagination.

This tale may not come to fruition until I'm a couple decades older. Maybe it'll never be told.

Do you have a story that hasn't found its time?


Eaglewing said...

Yeah, I've one or two on the fringes of the brain. Something that's a bit noir, bit sci=fi, bit supernatural take on life and death from both sides. But it waits.

Keanan Brand said...

There are all sorts of stories in the back of my brain, but the WWI story is the one in which I've actually invested the equivalent of a month's pay, not to mention all the time spent researching, all the notebook pages filled with scribbles I'm not sure I can decipher after all this time. Ay-yi-yi.

Alexander Field said...

yes, oh yeah. I have too many stories waiting for their to come off the bench. And time passes....oh boy.

Keanan Brand said...

And passes. And passes. And passes. (laugh) Sometimes I think I'd need another couple lifetimes to write all the stories for which I have notes or ideas.