Friday, April 4, 2008

Morning Drive

I've always wondered what happened to this post. And the chicken wire used for the fencing is decades old; the old stone-and-wood building behind it was built in the 1940s, I think. Much more interesting than a picket fence.

I don't recommend writing while driving, but I do it all the time. After my whining (see previous post) about interruptions to the writing process, some very cool--and obvious--ideas came while I drove to work this morning. Since most of the year's work is done in the evenings, maybe this morning gig is just off-kilter enough to jog a tired mind into the imagination zone.


Eamon said...

How do you manage to switch off for work. You obviously don't get that distraced when writing. I have to have complete silence, touch my laptop about 10 times, get up go for a glass of water, come back, open a packet of crisps, put the books on the shelf straight ..

The Texican said...

In answer to your question - It was pounded into the ground with a great sledge hammer by a guy with forearms like Popeye. He probably hit a stone on the way down and had to use a little extra force to drive through. Probably some expletives too. By the way the DVD "Dan in Real Life" was excellent.


Eamon -- My work is rarely scripted and mainly chaotic, so when I get there it's pretty easy to switch off the writing, simply because my mind MUST be occupied elsewhere.I don't have a choice. However, driving, eating a meal, watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, mowing the lawn--other activities are actually creative opportunities for me.

Tex -- You're probably right about the fence post! Glad you liked the movie. It's on my "to be owned soon" list.