Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pancakes. Gotta Love 'Em.

Okay. I have a new flick to add to the list of favorites: Dan in Real Life.

I said a few things about August Rush, but kept it simple about The Water Horse, and I'm not gonna say much about this one, either.

Ya just gotta watch it.

(image courtesy of www.entertainmentwallpaper.com)


The Texican said...

I got a new DVD player yesterday. Thanks for some suggestions on new material. If I don't like them, I'm calling you. :)


Feel free to voice complaint. I can take it!

But I think you'll like those movies.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is a poster that I think is funny, and the trailers looked good, so I'll try it


One of the characters in the film is a pancake whiz, thus the poster.

I think you'll enjoy this one. It's a quiet film but has a lot going on in the characters' minds/emotions. You'll probably like the quirky, organic soundtrack, too.

Charlotte Rose said...

Hey since coming back to New Zealand from travelling to study for a year I seem to watch so many movies, I am excited to see Dan in Real life when it finally comes out in New Zealand, a good 6 months after the world has seen it : )I am also excited to finish studying and travel again : )I look forward to more movies suggestions.


Hey! How's the studying? (In between movies, I mean!)

I will probably be posting more movie stuff here soon, as I have a long list of them I want to see.

Sometimes, though, there are spells when I feel like I'm living in a cinematic drought, and there's nothing out there to capture my interest.