Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Enclave - Day 2

Day Two of the July CSFF Blog Tour featuring an intriguing science fiction suspense novel, The Enclave by Karen Hancock, and I'm waaaay behind on the game.

Blame it on work. Blame it on family visiting. Blame it on birthday. (My niece wrote a story for her homework assignment then dedicated it to me as a birthday present. Very cool.)

Rather than try to cobble together something intelligent and profound for this second day of the tour, I'll try to come up with something fantabulous for tomorrow, the third and final day of the tour.

Meantime, here's another excerpt from the book:

The rat-tat-tat of automatic-weapon fire echoed sharply down the narrow crawl tube as Cam reached the hole in the ceiling at its end and pulled himself upward and over the lip. Gathering his feet beneath him, he looked up and froze. Parker Swain stood before him, wearing a white toga and a green camouflage military helmet. Behind him loomed one of the sarcophagi, a giant shadowy mound on a tiny cart that blinked with multifarious lights.

The sight startled him so badly it knocked him back into the hole--and out of the nightmare.

He sat blinking at the bars of too-bright light that lay across the green blanket covering his legs and struggled to figure out where he was.

Wanna read more?

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A list of fellow tour participants can be found in The Enclave - Day 1. There are a variety of opinions, which makes for an interesting tour, so check 'em out!

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