Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Reading Recommendation

Just in case you're in search of a fiction fix, head on over to Digital Dragon online magazine, a dandy new publication featuring speculative fiction (fantasy and science fiction). In addition to stories for free, they have cool t-shirts and mugs for sale.

This issue's feature story is "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" by Johne Cook, and it's a good read. Hang around for the ending; it just might make you laugh!

Johne is the RGR Overlord who happened upon my casual science fiction blog serial about space pirates, and invited me to submit it to his magazine, Ray Gun Revival. And the rest is history.

Or, to be more accurate, it's current events. At only eight published episodes, the series is just begun.

Thank you, Johne and all the other Overlords, for the opportunity.


Phy said...

Thanks for the kind plug! (What Keanan isn't telling you is that he was kind enough to be one of the invaluable beta readers during the frenetic development of this story. His suggestions were indispensable to delivering a high-quality, low word-count story with very short turnaround. He's far too modest to mention that, but I'm not going to let his efforts on my behalf pass unnoticed!)

As for Thieves' Honor, that honor is indeed mine. We run in some of the same circles and somebody posted something that persuaded me to surf over to read an post by Keanan that had nothing to do with space pirates. However, when I saw what he was working on, I knew I had to try to persuade him to bring his story to Ray Gun Revival. I tried to play it all cool-like, but I knew I had a winner on my hands if I could put everything together. Keanan's serial novel has been such a cool find because it contains, in one work, so many things that I like, and is written with the heart of a fanboy and the quality of a craftsman. It's just the best.

Keanan Brand said...

Ah, man, now when you say stuff like that, I feel compelled to go hide somewhere.

Keanan Brand said...

But thanks!

Alexander Field said...

Thanks for the recommendation Keanan!