Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Adventure Begins

Early tomorrow morning, my mom and I head out for Arizona. I'll be computerless for at least the first twenty-four hours, maybe more.

Since I no longer have a camera of my own, I've been using the camera from work, but that's not possible this trip, since I'll be gone too many days. Therefore, I can't promise any pictures.

My truck being the gas-guzzler, we're traveling in Mom's newer, sportier, and shinier little car. While I'm gone, the truck will sit stolidly in the driveway, and hopefully give would-be intruders the idea that I'm still home.

Now, I'm heading to the store for a few travel items, and then home to finish packing. Yippy-skippy.

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Dramatically beautiful colours and composition in that photo.

Well,I think there is something "travellish" in the air.... you are off on a trip;, Betsy is off, Pappy is off, and I am off too. Friday morning we fly to Montreal.

Looking forward to exchanging stories once we are all back.

I am really enjoying your refreshing blog; I hope you have a wonderful road trip with your mom,you are going to a very beautiful state.

Bon Voyage and have a safe trip...


The Texican said...

Have a great trip. I'll be right behind you in a manner of speaking. I'm leaving next Monday.


Lavinia - Must be the weather! Hope you have a safe and fun trip.

We arrived here in Tucson about an hour later than we expected, but it was a good trip, so no complaints. I lost my voice, reading a book aloud to Mom (who insisted on driving the entire distance). Hopefully, the vocal chords will recover before the return trip in about 9 days, so we can finish the book.


Pappy! Tex! Dude! Where you headed?

Anonymous said...

Have a great time! I go on a float trip on Memorial day weekend, but close to home(about 200 miles away). I don't know if I aleady said this, but kudos to you for sharing your writing online! When I have somw worthy artwork, I'm gonna print it.


A float trip? Sounds fun! Did I ever tell you about the canoe trip my brother and I took when we were kids? A small adventure, and narrow avoidance of an unexpected swim, but a good time! A red canoe, I think, and bright orange life vests, which were more than just fashion accessories. (ahem)