Saturday, May 31, 2008

Space Pirates, the Continuing Saga

Read the beginning here, or the second excerpt here, or just keep reading for the third installment, below.

I had not intended on posting the story, but then I figured it might help my creativity with other projects. For those of you who've read the previous entries, there's a gap in action between excerpts 2 and 3. I left out a scene 1) because it seemed boring, and 2) it's contents would be implied by what happens next. (But, since this is a work in progress, anything can change!)

And now, on Space Pirates:

A sleek blue merchant approached astern the Martina Vega. Finney watched on the screen, saw the government insignia on the nose marking the vessel as a constabulary presence, but did not acknowledge the ship until hailed.

“Ahoy the Vega. This is Captain Iona Zoltana of the Orpheus, requesting permission to dock.”

Ungritting her teeth, Finney loosened her jaw a little before acknowledging. “Aye, Captain Zoltana, the Vega welcomes you aboard.”

“Well done,” said Kristoff’s quiet, amused voice behind her. “You told that lie with a straight face.”

Finney guided the Vega gently to starboard aft, pleased when the craft obeyed and met the Orpheus with so gentle a kiss that neither ship so much as squeaked. “How’s the headache? Thought Doc told you to stay in bed a day or two.”

“Nothing to do there.”

“You could think of something.”

“Not without company.”

“Hope you wore your best shirt. You know how starchy Zoltana is.”

“That’s not the company I meant.”

“Well, it’s all you’re getting, captain.”

Kristoff stepped closer, his voice near her ear vibrated down her backbone, and his breath ruffled her hair. “One of these days, Fiona Grace.”

She refused to shiver, or to let heat rise up her neck. “Yep. One of these days, I’ll jump ship and hire on to a courier vessel.” She smiled. “Faster, prettier, and with a better-looking crew.”

He drew back. “That a hint to raise your pay?”

“You know I never turn down cash.”


“A girl’s gotta have principles.”

“And a good ship.”

“And a good ship.”

Finney waited until his footsteps faded before she relaxed her grip on the controls and slumped in her chair.

One of these days, Fiona Grace

c. 2008, Keanan Brand


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Laughing out loud! Keanan, that is some dialogue, and the thought at the end...that brought on the laughter.

You've created characters that are really likeable---don't ever estimate the importance of that!

It's quite a feat and not as easy as it seems, but you probably already know that.

So......when's the book launch party?

The Texican said...

Aarrrrgh! Fiona. If only you weren't a pirate you could file a law suit for sexual harrasment when you get back to Star Fleet.


Lavinia - Glad you like the characters! In the past, most of my attempts at humor in stories fell flat. Trying too hard, I guess. These characters trade banter, and suddenly the humor's easier. Hmm.

Tex - If only she could. But Star Fleet justice is what's just arrived at the back door, and--well, let's leave that for the next installment, shall we?

Eaglewing said...

I'm enjoying these Space Pirates bits every time. Really like the characters too. Keep the adventure rolling!


Eagle - Gracias!