Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Way of the (Sleepy) Warrior

Last night, we attended my brother's informal graduation event, and endured lack of seating, too little air conditioning, a long program, and skimpy "meal" so we wouldn't have to drag ourselves from bed early today, forge our way through Tucson traffic, and push through the advancing hordes of other graduation attendees just to sit in more heat while waiting to watch my brother (who would be even more uncomfortable in cap and gown) stand up and be recognized by strangers.

That's all well and good, I suppose--the recognition of strangers--but he already knows what he's accomplished. Does he need the dean to tell him, too, so he can feel good about himself?

Oh. Did that sound cranky? I'll blame it on the lack of a nap.

Speaking of naps, half the family has been napping on top of napping. All the festivities last night have sapped our fighting strength. After all, how many hors d'ourve can a warrior clan consume before losing their fighting edge?

We do have a collection of fight songs, though. Ever hear of Sandra Boynton? She writes and illustrates children's books. She also has a few musical volumes accompanied by CDs: Dog Train and Philadelphia Chickens are the two we listened to this morning, after the first round of naps was completed.

Then it was another napping shift, with only a few of us remaining alert enough to stand sentry.

Now, as the troops slowly reawaken, we are preparing for the standard fare of any warriors worthy of the name: grilled meat. Red meat. Charcoal and fire. Secret marinade. Nifty barbecuing tools. Although stabbing a steak with a really sharp sword and sticking it over an open flame would work just as well.


Eaglewing said...

Cook with fire good. Little air conditioning bad.

I remember my graduation from College. I wasn't keen on the cap and gown ritual, but I did it. The upside was that I was first across the stage. The downside was sitting through the rest. Know how you feel, but kudos to your brother on graduating.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, family gatherings for such events...its good that you supported your brother! catch ya later!
The Bach

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Did someone say barbeque? Mmmmmmm, and we all know what is best after tucking into grilled meats.....a nap~!


Eagle - I never finished college (I'd be in my late sophomore/early junior year) due to a long list of circumstances, one of which became the deciding factor: I was tired of school. I admire those who persevere.

Bach - Wouldn't think of doing otherwise! He's one of my best friends.

Lavinia - Food and sleep: two of this family's favorite things. We're quite good at both!