Thieves' Honor

a space opera serial

originally published in Ray Gun Revival magazine
now being re-issued here, with new episodes scheduled

Season 1
Episode 1: Spider's Web, part 1
Episode 2: Spider's Web, part 2
Episode 3: Spider's Web, part 3
Episode 4: Spider's Web, part 4
Episode 5: The Wreck of the Katy Joy, part 1
Episode 6: The Wreck of the Katy Joy, part 2
Episode 7: Unwelcome Passengers
Episode 8: Tipping the Spider
Episode 9: The Game: Opening Moves
Episode 10: The Game: Players
Episode 11: "Bring Me the Crew of Martina Vega"
Episode 12: The Game: Investigation
Episode 13: The Game: Taw, Anyone?
Episode 14: The Game: Standoff
Episode 15: The Game: Leaping the Circle
Episode 16: The Game: Kristoff-2, Zoltana-0
Episode 17: The Game: In the Enemy's House
Episode 18: Skippy the Fence, or Honor Among Thieves
Episode 19: The Game: Escape
Episode 20: The Game: The Rescuers, Part 1
Episode 21: The Game: The Rescuers, Part 2
Episode 22: The Game: The Rescuers, Part 3
Episode 23: Walking Through Walls, Part 1
Episode 24: Walking Through Walls, Part 2
Episode 25: Walking Through Walls, Part 3
Episode 26: Exodus

Season 2
Visit Thieves' Honor (Season 2) to read these episodes. New episodes added weekly on Saturday. 

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