Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Night Shot & Sibling Evilness

Below is a photo taken by my niece, age 10, of the fountain by "Old Main", the original building on the University of Arizona campus at Tucson. We were leaving the graduation festivities, but "the fountain was just so pretty, and kinda neat," so she had to take a picture. (Click on the picture to enlarge, and get a better view.)

(c. May 2008, JE, fountain in front of Old Main, UA campus, Tucson, Arizona)

* * *

I'm dealing with allergy crap, so the nose is runny or stopped up -- it's fickle -- and this morning the nose is prone to snot. My brother, being of a "helpful" nature, offered a Kleenex. He waved it in my face. Pulled it back. Laughed. Asked if that was torture. Said torture was in The Sibling Handbook. I snagged the darn thing and blew my nose.

Then the two nieces were playing: Laughing, Big Sis (10) whirled in circles, and Little Sis (almost 1) tried to keep up. Perhaps Big Sis has been reading The Sibling Handbook.I think her dad wrote it.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Here's what I did: saved your fountain photo, then opened it and lightened/brightened it...and ah...so that is what it looks like....very nice...I love fountains...your niece is developing a good eye....let her snap away at whatever captures her fancy.

Your brother sounds like mine...they must have attended the same Brother Academy.

Anonymous said...

I know all about the bad camera thing. And younger brothers--let's not go there, that's scary territory. But this original shot looks like something out of Iron Man, which you still have to see.


Lavinia - Cool! I should have worked a little enhancement on the photo before posting it, so it would be easier to see, but it never crossed my mind.

Jade - Yep, still gotta get to that one. Bubba and I wanted to see it together, but the baby couldn't go, so sister-in-law couldn't go, which means a family outing wouldn't be much of a family outing. On the other hand, we've wandered out alone to take photos (which would bore half of the crew).