Saturday, July 19, 2008

Slushies, Anyone?

Just finished reading the latest round of submissions for Fear and Trembling, an online horror magazine. Probably 75% received a "yes" vote from me, with a couple of requests for revisions.

I volunteer as a slush reader, and so am allowed to put in my two cent's worth of opinion on whether or not a piece fits the magazine. In the past couple of weeks, we've had two poems and several stories submitted, but I've been too busy or too tired to get to the pile.

F&T does not print stories with sex, gore, or excessive foul language (an occasional hell or damn makes it into print). One of the submissions, however, bulged with vulgar language. Did the author not read the guidelines?

Several weeks ago, there was another story with not only language but overt sexuality. Again, how could the author have read the guidelines and missed the obvious?

Because we seek to please a wide audience of sophisticated readers, we choose not to offer stories whose sole purpose is to offend or shock. While our stories may be frightening and may include harrowing scenes, stories we present to our readers will not offend traditional Christian values. Under no circumstances will we consider works that include R-rated language, disturbing violence, or graphic sexuality.

What our stories must include, in order of importance to the editors, are: engaging characters, interesting situations, emotional relationships, and satisfying resolutions.

Sounds plain enough to me.


The Texican said...

The use of the vernacular of ignorance has swelled in acceptance in this moral slide we are experiencing. I was shocked by the use of blatant sexual language as I passed a group of young teen girls talking on a cell phone in the mall yesterday. I worked in the lower bowels of society for thirty years and thought nothing could ever shock me again. I am now not so sure. Glad you posted this. I hope all take note. Pappy

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I found your site for the first time this morning and had a grand time! I shall return!

Also, I took your "soul quiz" and am now completely creeped out at how accurate my results are.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

You can be sure that the people submitting inappropriate submissions either didn't read the guidelines (most likely) or are just mass-submitting their stuff to every site they can think of, regardless of guidelines....(that is my 2 cents worth).

Anonymous said...

hey, so they didn't read the guidelines--that's just wrong! As for oversexed teens, yep, pappy, know what ya mean. I see teen parents in my store all the time.


Tex - Happy to be of service. On the humorous side of this issue is the fact that so many of the younger children with whom I work think that "shut up" and "stupid" are swear words, so I always have to prompt them to clarify just which S-word they are tattling about.

Pamela - Glad you visited. I'm not usually a quiz-taker, but that one was dead-on for me, too.

Lavinia - Your two cents has been deposited into the opinion account. Sorry, no dividends!

I forgot to mention an illustration submission, as well, that was eyebrow-raising, to say the least: derriere and skin and very little clothing. Ay-yi-yi. It was promptly sent to the rejection pile.

Jade - Just adding my congrats (again) on your illustration being accepted at said magazine. Good job!