Thursday, May 21, 2009


Due to other life matters, I didn't post an entry for Day 3 of the May CSSF Blog Tour for Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead. Work has occupied me, and the next episode of Thieves' Honor needs to be completed and turned in ASAP, and I just forgot about the blog.

I'll be back later this week. Meantime, happy writing!


Phy said...

Not to worry. I've been essentially out of pocket for the last eight days preparing for, and surviving, the wedding of my daughter this past weekend. Much of the time away had to do with visiting inlaws in from New Mexico, and it was just too much for mere internet activity to match up to.

But daughter is now married and on a beach in the Caribbean, and the inlaws (whom I love, great people) are now back home, and I'm back at it. Ahh, cheap corporate coffee, how I've missed you!

Anonymous said...

I sent my new blog address in an email, but I haven't had too much to say either. Getting ready to post some new art soon. I've worked the hospital into a short story, but only wrote about 200 words so far. Hope you had fun and got some writing time this weekend! I won't be off work till Thursday.:( The joys of retail--

Keanan Brand said...

Phy - Congrats! You're a father-in-law! How long before body and wallet recover?

As for cheap corporate coffee, I am the Master of the Coffee Machine in my place of employment, and get to choose the style (Colombian seems to be the flavor of consensus, however). It may be inexpensive, but there's plenty of it!

Jade - I've updated your listing in the sidebar. I hope work and your sister's health are improving.