Sunday, September 13, 2009

Screenplay Entry Complete

It's done. The screenplay contest entry is complete and out the door.

As I wrote to my friend Andrew, who was one of a handful of readers who helped proof and critique the entry during my headlong rush to the deadline:
Whatever happens, hopefully I won't be intimidated by a screenplay competition ever again. First, of course, I need to brush up on the proper formatting, and become accustomed to a different way of thinking. One approaches a screenplay far differently from the way one writes a novel -- something I've heard often but never quite believed until I actually had to do it.

Can't tell you how energized I feel! No, I don't really expect to win -- that's entirely up to God -- but I'm just happy I met the challenge.
Ever feel that way? Who cares about the winning or losing? It's secondary to the fact that the challenge was met, the task was finished, the top of the mountain has been gained.

Well, yeah, winning or losing is important. I very much want to win, or I wouldn't have made the attempt. But I don't need someone else's judgment to know I can write.

Those who know me well know how much I love movies. If I'm one of the small group selected at the end of the competition, I'll have a chance to work with a professional screenwriter on a project. Very, very cool.

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