Friday, January 22, 2010

Old Stuff

Because I'm in the middle of a "real" blog post that will not be ready until this weekend, and because I feel compelled to post something, anything related to books or writing, here's a photo of the top shelves of one of my many bookcases:

I like old books. I don't collect them for their monetary value, but for their stories and for their good looks. (laugh) Even if those looks are a little battered.

But, to be honest, I haven't read all the books on the second shelf. The antique encyclopaedia set on the top shelf has actually proven quite useful. It's about eighty years old, and is great for revealing what was known in that era (helps prevent anachronisms).

Here's a photo of that same bookcase, seen from the top, taken by my brother:

Pretty awesome, in my opinion. I collect odds-n-ends: a roll of packing tape from a defunct store, a cast-iron car that used to have wheels when I was a kid, an old talcum cannister, my grandmother's mantel clock, and a few other items that can't be distinguished. In the fuzzy background is an inexpensive and almost perfect new tripod to go with the new camera that took these photos.


C. N. Nevets said...

Absolutely awesome. I want that shelf in my house. Except for the book mold allergies. Boo to them.

Phy said...

Old stuff has a patina to it that is literally priceless. I love great old stuff.

Keanan Brand said...

Nevets -- My dad made that bookcase about 25 years ago. He just knocked it together, and kept promising throughout my childhood to paint it or fix it up, but I liked it plain. It bugged him, though, and after I bought this house I let him put some trim on the case and stain it. (He's still bothered by the fact I won't let him refinish the old potting table that serves as my TV stand; I like the rough patina, but he comments occasionally about how nice it would look if I would just let him sand it and stain it, or apply a fresh coat of paint.)

Phy -- Yup! It's been at least a couple of years since I roamed the used-book stores or antique shops -- no time, no money -- and trolled for more old books to add to the collection. But then, if I did buy more, I'd need another set of shelves!