Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Writing Update

Sunday afternoon, I submitted Episode 1 of Thieves' Honor (formerly Space Pirates, see sidebar) to Raygun Revival as a possible upcoming science fiction serial.

I'm considering another run of episodic fiction here on the blog, either another science fiction piece, a fantasy, or maybe even a historical. Not sure yet.

This morning, at some crazy time when most sane people have been asleep for hours, I finished the latest edits on Dragon's Rook (138,000+ words) and sent the monster of a manuscript off to Philip Martin for a read. Check out his stuff at The Writer's Handbook blog or at Great Lakes Literary.

I think I may take today off from further writing, and reward myself with a movie. Iron Man is playing at the second-run theatre in the city where I work, only $2 for a matinee, but then there's The Dark Knight, Wanted, The Mummy, WALL-E, and Hellboy II, all playing at the regular-price cinema.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


The Texican said...

Great accomplishment. I hope you sell a million of them. I keep waiting for you to get rich so I can add you to the list of my rich friends. Pappy


Yeah, if only some big publisher would realize what a genius I am and pay me to keep the words coming.

But, shucks, darn, I'm still out in the hinterland, waving my arms and jumping up and down, hoping someone on a flyover will finally look down and see me.

Phy said...

In order of logic and then sheer personal preference, I'd suggest:

* Iron Man (2 bucks is a steal for an amazingly fun film)

* WALL*E (best Pixar film since The Incredibles)

* Wanted (it's not for everybody, but I enjoyed it for what it was)

* The Dark Knight (I saved this for last, because once you've seen this, nothing else will satisfy for awhile)


Phy - I did go see Iron Man, and had a few chuckles along with the action. I'll probably be adding this one to my DVD collection as soon as it's available. (My mom went to see it by herself this past Saturday, and loved it. I never woulda thunk it.)

I really want to see The Dark Knight, but I'm hesitant to spend the dough. But I really want to see it. But it's $8. But I really want to see it... See how this goes? (laugh)

Lavinia said...

Has Raygun gotten back to you yet? They'd be crazy to turn it down...


Lavinia - Yep, I'm in. Now I just have to come up with something brilliant every month. No sweat. Really. Somebody got a paper bag I can breathe into?

Phy said...

Here - you can borrow mine, a community anxiety reducer. ;)