Thursday, November 27, 2008

The latest issue of Ray Gun Revival is up, and it contains the third episode of Thieves' Honor. When I read some of the other fiction included in the magazine, I am grateful mine gets to be included.

While you're over there, check out Johne Cook's review of the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, or read it at his blog. Excellent.


Here's a little science fiction gratitude on Thanksgiving:

"There are things in the Universe billions of years older than either of our races. They are vast, timeless, and if they are aware of us at all, it is as little more than ants, and we have as much chance of communicating with them as an ant has with us. We know. We've tried, and we've learned that we can either stay out from underfoot or be stepped on...They are a mystery, and I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the Universe. That we have not yet explained everything. Whatever they are, Miss Sakai, they walk near Sigma 957 and they must walk there .. alone."

-- G'Kar to Sakai in "Mind War" (season one, episode 6 of Babylon 5) (1993)


Brandon Barr said...

Hey Keanen,

Congratulations on being in Ray Gun! It's a geat magazine. And I love the cover too :)


Anonymous said...

Quantum was excellent! I meant to review it myself--but my short reviews would hardly do it justice. I never thought I'd love a film that had so much about revenge in it, but hey, Quantum rocks!
(Also love the RG artwork! And YES! Episode 5 is here!)

Anonymous said...

oops,I mean Ep 3.