Thursday, December 18, 2008

I wonder what makes some folks so quick to believe in evolution or the Big Bang or global warming, none of which are provable, and yet reluctant to or nervous about believing in God?

Seems to me, humans will always find a god to worship, whether science or themselves or some other idol or philosophy.

And yet those same individuals will sneer at people who believe in an actual God, as if believers are uninformed, uneducated yokels easily led about by superstition.

What makes the unbelievers so much more educated and superior than the believers? Why are unbelievers afraid of God? What makes them angry about Him? Why are they willing to believe anything BUT Him?

Science alone may not be able to prove God, but it can't disprove Him, either.

Neither evolution nor the Big Bang can be studied by scientific method or proved by empirical evidence. There are no witnesses to such events. Radiation is too evenly dispersed to support the Big Bang Theory. Though there have been "missing links" put forth, none have held up to scrutiny. Life cannot spring from nonliving matter.

The word "evolution" implies progress forward, not regression or cessation. What about the law of entropy: Everything decays? And why do babies and young life forms die? They're new, not decayed.

What is life? Why can't we always resuscitate a dead body? All the elements of physical life are present, but the heart and the brain will not always restart.

Why is physical procreation still necessary? Still the need for two genders? Why do animals and humans still give birth? Cloning is imperfect, the products often diseased or short-lived.

Why doesn't "the ooze" still produce life? Where are those magical chemicals today, and why aren't we able to get the same results?

Where are all the mid-evolution products? We can find dinosaurs, but where are all the things that are still evolving into us?


The Texican said...

When you don't believe in God, you become god and therefore much superior to those who foolishly believe in God. If you believe in evolution or the big bang theory, you have no problem believing you could set up tables in a gym filled with alphabet cereal and throw in a stick of dynamite to blow the cereal into the air. That same cereal would then fall onto the tables as the complete encyclopedia Britannica. The mathmatical probabilities are in the same range. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Pappy

Charlotte Rose said...

Merry Christmas, a great time to remember Jesus and be with family. Nice poem below.

Anonymous said...

Because you asked.

Many people are not quick to believe in global warming, evolution, or the big bang until they have researched the evidence put forth by proponents of those theories.

The reluctance to believe in god or gods is often a result of the same process. The examination of evidence.

Humans will always fill their time with something, whether that means they elevate science or thier dayjobs or their volunteer work to the level of god or religion is a debatable point.

As far as sneering at believers goes, there are inconsiderate people in every crowd.

Many unbelievers are not angry or afraid of god at all. They are simply unwilling to believe a particular translation of a particular collection of a particular middle eastern tribal religion. Unbelievers get a little touchy when they encounter people and organizations that base too much of their view of the world and their place in it based on a particular translation of a particular collection of a particulr middle eastern tribal religion.

Science doesn't realy disprove gods, it simply does not find any evidence for them anywhere.

Global warming, the big bang, and evolution very much can be studied using the scientific method. The observational and experimental data do in fact back predictions that are made under each theory.

Life does spring from nonliving matter constantly-- animals eat nonliving matter and convert it to living matter. Plants bring in nonliving compounds and convert them to living matter.

Entropy is very real and very unavoidable. The sun provides energy for the earth and until entropy breaks down the sun, the sun will continue to provide energy for living things and their evolution.

Human nerve tissue needs a lot of oxygen to function. This is why we can live without food for weeks, water for days, and only live without air for a minutes. Further, when deprived of oxygen, nerve tissues don't simply stop, they begin to die and decompose. Resucitation of unconcious people is a race against the death and decomposition of nerve cells due to lack of oxygen.

The ooze was a product of a particular time, a particular place, and a particular set of conditions. Almost none of those conditions exist today, due almost entirely to the overwhelming presence of life and its byproducts. The science of biogenisis is a very exciting field, especially given the relative youth of the field and the rather spartan resources those researchers have been given.

Human evolution is itself a product of a particular time a particular place and a particular set of circumstances. The idea that we are somehow the point of evolution is not correct. We are a product of the forces of evolutionary pressure. Those circumstances do not exist today, mostly due to our presence.

There is not only a huge body of scientifc information about these issues, but a rapidly growing volume of information as well.

Ours is an exciting and frightening time.

Merry Christmas.


TEX - Yeah, but for some reason people still have crazy faith in those mathematical probabilities.

CHARLOTTE - Thanks! And a Merry Christmas to you!

ANONYMOUS - After consideration of your responses to the questions, I remain unconvinced.

About disbelief in God/gods, upon what evidence is such decision made? Is it, like belief, a matter of personal journey?

About the paragraph concerning "a particular translation", etcetera: Is there a different translation of the same material wandering about in scholardom? There is the tang of something else behind that paragraph. Something unsaid but definitely present.

What makes evolution and Big Bang theories is the fact that they cannot be proven. Were they provable by empirical evidence and scientific method, they would graduate to laws. As for global warming, the earth goes through cooling and warming trends, and has done so for millennia; the current hysteria, blowing this natural phenomena out of proportion and turning Mankind into the villain of the story, might be called a religion.

Life cannot and does not spring from nonliving matter. Though the minerals in rocks may support already living matter, rocks themselves do not produce life. Oxygen supports but does not produce life. Therefore, why would scientists still put forth the notion of life springing from an exploding cloud of nonliving matter?

About ooze and entropy: By scientific method, we should be able to recreate the ooze that produced life. If everything progresses, why decay?

About human evolution: If we are not the point (perhaps you mean "the purpose"--I mean "the end") of evolution, then where along the way did the process make a mistake? Why does our presence negate the process?