Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost Genre Guild - Day 2

Light at the Edge of Darkness (read more here) is an anthology of short speculative fiction, including work by members of the Lost Genre Guild, written from a Biblical worldview.

Because others have already presented several excellent reviews, I've snagged a few comments from the anthology's page on Amazon.com, and included them below:

Many of the tales were horrific, sad, dark, and oppressive, but one thing remained the same throughout: there was always a ray of Light at the edge of the Darkness. Sometimes the heroes were saved from physical death, sometimes they weren't, but always they knew they would be saved to eternal life. The truth of the gospel, of Jesus' redemption, was ever present. This is the core that holds everything together. One of the strong points overall is the way the authors weave the Biblical truths, particularly of Jesus' sacrifice, love, and redemption.
- Catharine Hassan

This book is a very enjoyable read. It runs the gambit of fantasy and science-fiction
to suspense and even westerns. Best of all, the stories within will make you stop and think long after you have finished reading.
- Timothy A. Hicks

Beware, though, as you read through these stories many may be disturbing because they cause you to see the world differently. You will meet greedy aliens, doubting martyrs, and a righteous man rewarded for his righteousness ... well, I don't want to give that one away, but it may mess up your theology when you read it.
- Terri Main

For readers who like hors d'oeuvres before the main meal, here's the opening paragraph of a longer work included in the anthology, Undeniable by A.P. Fuchs:

DUNCAN JAMES TOUCHED THE tender, bumpy flesh around his eyes. Carefully, he trailed his index finger from the outer rim of his left eye socket to the middle here his eyeball once sat. A razor-sharp sting of hot pain pierced the fragile area the second his finger made contact. He sharply tugged his finger away. The pricks of tears instinctively formed at the corners of his eyes but he wasn’t sure if they’d even leak out. The openings of the tear ducts were no doubt seared shut. And he was right. No tears came, but he’d give anything for even a few drops, anything to let him know he was still human.

For folks who can sit on the couch and eat dinner while watching Doc Robbins perform an autopsy on CSI, that's pretty darn intriguing. Let the feast begin.


The Texican said...

Happy New Year Keanan! Hope the ankle heals properly, and you new personal trainer takes it easy on you. Maybe I'll take a "Walkabout" when the winter fades. Pappy

TWCP Authors said...

Thank you for your posts -- this one in particular that highlights Light at the Edge of Darkness.

Good passage you chose from A.P. Fuchs novelette--it is an incredible story and even though I am not a horror fan, I loved every word. I was more than a fly on the wall, I was Duncan James when I read this story for the first time.

We did receive a thumbs-down review on amazon because of this story. The reviewer said it gave her nightmares . . . which in turn spurred a whole spree of selling because it was just what some of the horror fans wanted to hear!



Tex - The ankle is indeed better, and would probably be MUCH better if I didn't need to walk about for work. However, I hobble, and the kids at work laugh at me for falling out of the van, but they still "snap to" whenever I have to deal with rule infractions, so I don't think there's too much loss of discipline in the ranks as a result of all the humor at my expense.

Cyn - You're welcome. And a thumbs-down review because a book does its job too well? Sounds to me like resounding applause!