Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cyndere's Midnight - Day 2

Yesterday, I posted my first impressions of the second book in Jeffrey Overstreet's Thread series, Cyndere's Midnight. Today, the topic is favorites.

My favorite character in the story is the ale boy. He is faithful, courageous, hard-working, an anonymous child doing necessary things. He reminds me of the main character in Ladyhawke, "Philipe the Mouse" (Matthew Broderick) who was also prone to talking to himself.

Next in favor is Jordam the beastman, enthralled by Aurelia and her colors, and struggling against the beast he is.

In Chapters 15 and 16 ("A Royal Scrubbing" and "Bel's Request"), the characters of the ale boy and the beastman are revealed or challenged through their interaction with Cyndere, and--since I've been listing what I like--these two chapters are my favorites so far. After reading several chapters that either slogged or were filled with events that might have seemed less random if I had some notion as to the rest of the story (perhaps the one I missed by not reading Aurelia's Colors), 15 and 16 actually grabbed me and kept me with their dialogue, action, sensory details, background information, and cohesion.

Then, in Chapters 17 and 18 ("Shelter" and "The Watcher and the Ruined Farm"), Jordam and the ale boy meet again and travel together, and Jordam is faced with a dilemma: turn his back on his brothers and go with the boy, or surrender the boy and remain with the only family he has, twisted though it is. So the beastman comes up with a plan.

I'm a couple more chapters in, and my hope in the story is renewed.

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