Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serial Surprises

So, I'm working on Episode 7 of Thieves' Honor the other day, my thoughts focused on matters of action and dialogue, when I have one of those "out of the blue" moments: Elements which I'd never considered connecting suddenly found each other, drawn together like paperclips to a magnet.

Now I know a little more about why the rebels are rebels, and a portion of the bloody history behind the rejection of certain technology and a return to retro computers. (This story being set in the future, "retro" looks like our tech today.) Always cool when stories start to tell themselves.


Phy said...

I love it when ideas that have been 'in the air' finally take on substance and provide direction to the work that you might not have planned on in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I just wrote practically the same thing(finally blogged again). Sometimes, things pull together like a jigsaw when you suddenly realize the piece you were holding was upside down!

Anonymous said...

well, ok, not exactly the same. more about how things can happen you don't expect.:0


Phy - I re-read Episode 5, and was embarrassed at how choppy and disjointed it was. Ay-yi-yi.

However, I think Episode 6--about 2,000 words shorter--is a much better piece of storytelling, and I hope Episode 7 gets even better, and that some of the connections mentioned in the blog post get a mention in this portion of the story.

Jade - Ironically, we're working on a puzzle at the Club, and I keep having to tell the kids that "Of course the pieces don't fit; you're trying to put the garage roof in the driveway." Maybe, just maybe, they'll actually listen to me tomorrow.