Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jenn's Limerick

In honor of National Poetry Month, I offer yet another poem, not my own, but a child's.

My oldest niece is homeschooled, an arrangement that seems to be working very well for her and her family (I used to wish I could stay at home, too, because school and other kids were scary sometimes). In April 2006, she and her mother were working through the poetry unit, and one morning before "school" started (my sister-in-law wasn't even awake yet, as I recall the story), 8-year-old Jenn sat down and wrote the following limerick, her first:
There was a young girl who was three,
Who always wanted to climb up a tree,
So climb up it she did,
And down it she slid,
And never again climbed a tree!
She's eleven now, and still writing, an activity I hope she does for life.


Alexander Field said...

Pretty amazing work for an eight-year old. Impressive!

Charlotte Rose said...

Well Done - I teach 8 year olds and think she has done a great job : )

The Texican said...


There once was a birddog named Clyde.
From thunder he wanted to hide.
He’d run to his house
As quick as a mouse.
But pride wouldn’t let him inside.

Stupid dog. Pappy

Keanan Brand said...

Alex - I thought so!

Charlotte - Her parents read this blog, and they checked in this weekend. I know they're proud of her. Thanks!

Tex - (laugh) Clyde reminds me of one of our family dogs who seemed to think his doghouse was not for shelter but for dragging around the yard.