Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been considering for a while -- two, three years, maybe -- starting another writers group.

Yeah, I belong to one already, and have long wondered if I might not be okay just going it alone (I am hermit-like when I'm not at work). However, I have a feeling there are other science fiction and fantasy authors who are just as outside as I am, not quite fitting in with any groups they've joined.

I'll make a poster, I think, and put it up at the library, and just see what happens.


Phy said...

Have you considered a virtual writer's group held online via voice-chat and sharing files via secure hidden locations? 'Cause I might be interested in such a thing, and know of others of my ilk who may be, as well.

L. S. King said...

Aye, there are a few ilk who might be interested...

Keanan Brand said...

Phy - Sounds very clandestine and cool! I, however, am not the techno-geek that I wish I were, and wouldn't have any idea how to set up such a group.

However, sharing ideas in a secure setting (knowing one's ideas weren't going to be poached by someone else) is something I enjoy most about hammering out story details with my brother and sister-in-law, who are readers rather than writers.

Lee - Howdy! Nice to see ya! Let's discuss this group idea, shall we?

Anonymous said...

of course, I would like the computer idea, too. The concept sounds cool. I never got anyone interested in a pre-reader's group other places. Darn. Sorry I haven't been over lately! If you let me know, I will visit.

Dunno about voice-chat, though: I'm just learning how to use my facebook's chat.



The Texican said...

What if all the same people sign up? Pappy

Keanan Brand said...

Jade - When it comes to networking, I'm still not on Facebook or MySpace or anywhere else but here, so I'm clueless about a lot of stuff. I need to brush up, I know, but I'm not really interested in the "friends" misnomer, despite the exposure it might give my writing.

Tex - Well, I'm not advertising in the big city library branches, because I'm trying to get more local writers interested, and the small-town library won't let me post a sign. However, the librarian did let me lay a sign on the shelf underneath the magazine rack. No takers yet.

There's a sign up at my work, too.

If I did advertise at the big libraries, I'd probably get a lot of responses, but then there'd be crossover from the other groups that exist, and that's not what I'm interested in. I've either joined or visited those groups in the past, and they're pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

well, there's good and bad in "friends" title: most of the ones I don't know personally don't comment, but I don't like "followers" either. ;)
What should we call 'em? Readers.

But let me know what turns up about your new group, in your town and on the web!


Anonymous said...

oops.Not to downplay the idea of friends or followers, just that the terminology should be more accurate! JS