Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Again, Writing Like Mad, and Asking for Your Vote

That loud gasping sound you just heard was me sucking in air. I've been underwater for a few days, but am finally coming to the surface.

Thanks to Thanksgiving (chuckle, chuckle) and all the travel associated with it, I'm way behind in my noveling for NaNoWriMo, but have today and tomorrow to come up with just over 9,000 words and sprint to the finish line.

Edit, 11:45 a.m., November 30, 2009: When I say, "Write like mad," I mean write like mad. I've slept maybe five hours; despite sleeplessness, chores, and work, I've whittled down the deficit to just 2,833 words. I'm giving myself until 9:00 tonight to finish them.

And One Last Edit, 11:00 p.m.: I made it. But I'm so tired, I can't even be excited about it. My fingertips hurt. I am writer; hear me whine. Actually, this is the first year I crossed the finish line, and though the manuscript -- I use that term loosely -- is a hodgepodge of random scenes and dialogue that doesn't always finish a complete arc of thought, I have the skeleton of a story. A month from now, I may scrap it all and start over; but, for now, I like it.


FYI, my novel -- Dragon's Rook -- is up for voting in the second phase of the Premise Contest over at The Anomaly, the message boards for Where the Map Ends, a sister website to that of Marcher Lord Press, host of the Premise Contest and the publisher to whom I've submitted my fantasy novel, one of possibly five (yep, five) set in the same mythical world.

So, if you'd like to help boost Dragon's Rook to the top of the contest stack, you can find it in Poll #2.

There are so many entries, they had to be split into two lists. Check out all the other interesting novels also submitted in the contest. There were so many I liked, I voted for fifteen of them to advance to Round 3.

Better be quick! This phase of the contest ends Monday (November 30).


Also, if you're on the scout for fresh new fantasy and science fiction to read, check out MLP's bookstore.

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