Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanks, all of those who voted for Dragon's Rook to advance to Round 3 in the Marcher Lord Select contest. (see post below for links and information)

I read over the material I submitted for the next two steps in the contest, and am dismayed that I let some editorial issues slip past me (repetitious phrasing, bland word choices), but am trying to let go of that. Just gonna "let it ride" and be content with whatever outcome.

Haven't written a word of fiction since Monday's mad dash to the NaNo finish line. My brain is a bit mushy at the moment. I need to let it set, like a bowl of Jell-O, so it'll be ready to tackle Thieves' Honor again. Episode 11 wasn't finished before November hit me, so that's the next priority.

As for the day job, things are heating up as we're on a headlong rush toward basketball season. Our first games begin on Saturday, so we're prepping the concession stand and the gym, inventorying and replacing game equipment, setting up a new procedure for the scorebooks, and so on. What's great, though, is all the (uncomplaining) participation by the staff. If only they'd work this willingly throughout the rest of the year!

I'm also in charge of the annual fine arts and photography exhibits, which are put on display at a local bank, an historical location with a giant wall dedicated to the artistic endeavors of the community. Our art exhibit comes down on Friday, and I have to immediately prepare the photography exhibit / contest for display and judging in January.

(stage whisper) By the way, just in case you didn't know it yet, Christmas is coming.

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