Monday, September 24, 2012

The Telling - day 1

"Is this..." Zeph's voice was detached, his eyes fixed on the body. "Is this some kinda joke?"

The detectives hunkered back into the shadows without responding.

Goosebumps rose on Zeph's forearms as the overhead vent rattled to life, sluicing cool air into the room. He took another step closer to the cadaver until his thigh nudged the table, jolting the stiff and bringing Zeph to a sudden stop. He peered at the bizarre figure.

Their similarities were unmistakeable. The lanky torso and appendages. The tousled sandy hair. Thick brows over deep-set eyes. This guy looks exactly like me! (p4)

This month's CSFF Blog Tour offering is Mike Duran's speculative novel, The Telling, a compellingly creepy, sometimes funny, often intriguing read (with a cool cover, too).

I enjoyed Duran's previous novel, The Resurrection, so I needed no convincing to give The Telling a try -- and I'm glad I did.

The main character, Zeph Walker, is a young man scarred in many ways: physically, spiritually, relationally. He's almost a hermit, his world contracted to three acres, a book exchange (think community library, sorta), his painting, minimal human contact, and a past he'd rather forget.

I'll discuss the story further over the next two days. Meantime, for other perspectives on The Telling, check out these other stops along the tour:
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Heart2Heart said...

Love the specific book reference you used as a hook. This one had my attention when I got to this and immediately concluded this was going to be a great adventure!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lyn said...

I forgot to opt in, but I'll post my review Wednesday night.

Keanan Brand said...

There's usually a line or a paragraph or a scene in a book when I KNOW I'm going to stick around or bail. For me, that moment came when one of the detectives said something about a someone going "E pluribus haywire" -- made me laugh, and let me know I was going to enjoy the ride.

Got you on the list for Wednesday!