Friday, January 18, 2008

A Friend's Foray Into the Cyber Age

Dennis Price, a friend and fellow poet, has recently begun a web log (ahem! a blog): Pappy's Balderdash. Drop on over some time!


Eamon said...


V. interesting blog

Was wondering whether you would like to exchange links.

My blog is on creative thinking, media, art, TV, film, animation, comics and travel.

My background is in advertising account planning (planner: person behind 'big idea' in an advertising campaign, TV research, IT, and just finished a 40,000-word, SF/fantasy book for children - trying to get published ..)



Eamon, very cool about the book! Great sense of accomplishment, isn't it? And then you realize the work has only just begun! Submitted it anywhere yet?

I just wandered over to your blog, and will post there, too. I'll add your link to my list.

Eamon said...


Thanks for your comment and same to you.

Added you.
Yes, tried a few agents - quite postive responses but still need to improve the mss. What about you (regarding being published)?



About being published: a short story was published recently, and I used to freelance for a local newspaper as a feature writer. As a teenager, I wrote for the school newspaper (although I'm not sure if that counts!). However, no published novels--YET.

Not sure this counts, either: I've edited the works of published authors, either before they were sent to agents/editors, or on their way to the printer.

Is there something specific that needs improving on your ms?

Texican said...

Hi Keanan,
Thanks for the nice plug. I'm really enjoying the discipline of coming up with something daily. Hope your writing ventures are all successful. Come by for a visit anytime.