Wednesday, February 13, 2008


About the new fantasy story I started in a small notebook, back when I was sick and couldn't be on the computer: A kid where I work was reading the latest updates (he's been the only reader, actually) when he looked up, a serio-comic expression on his face, and asked, "Will there be unicorns?"


I looked back at him, uncertain where this was coming from--or going. "Uhm, no. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I just though there might be unicorns."

"There will never be unicorns in anything I write."


"There will never be unicorns in anything I write."


And that was that.

It's the tale of young Emerson whose Great-Uncle Eban disappeared, long before Emerson was born, back when Eban was a boy himself. I still have no idea where the unicorn question fits.


Eaglewing said...

Classic. Kids can come up with the oddest questions. Would be great to know exactly what part he was reading when the unicorn question hit. Still, probably a good idea to pass on the unicorns.

The Texican said...

Why not some humpy backed camels and a chimpanzee? ...but as sure as you're born, Noah couldn't find that Unicorn. I guess that's why huh?



In December, we hosted a Scholastic Book Fair at our site, and we earned some books for our library as a result. The boy's sister was allowed to pick one book for the library, and what did she choose? A book about unicorns. Gotta wonder what the family interest is in the critters.