Monday, February 18, 2008

Long Day

I've just put in 14 hours, and I'm sure glad they're over!

During the first two or three years of working here, we all used to put in 10- to 14-hour days during basketball and baseball, and work six or seven days a week all the time, until someone finally gave in and started letting the salaried folks have an extra day off during the week. Right nice of 'em.

So, over time, I've grown accustomed to working shorter (read "normal"), 8-hour days.

There are a couple salaried workers, though, who still have to put in the rough hours during baseball season, due to the nature of their jobs. I can totally sympathize, but I'm glad I get to go home in summer before the sun sets!


The Texican said...

People who work with children should be paid double time after four hours. Please pass this suggestion on to your management. I also worry about health care professionals who put in thirty six hours at a single stretch. I don't think I want them poking me with a needle.

Eaglewing said...

long day indeed. I used to work long 10-12 hour days before I switched jobs. now I work 8 and go home. it really is so much better.

And I agree with the texican - health care pros on a 36 hour shift makes me a little nervous.


Tired doctors with needles--sounds like a horror film! (laughing)

As for tired Boys & Girls Club workers, well, I started out the week staring down the barrel of a basketball tournament that is (whew!) halfway over.

We're hosting the junior league and senior league tourneys at my Club, so hormones can be a factor in player and spectator behavior. Police are on stand-by; but it was a totally different group of teens that got into a fight and brought the cops, and the basketball players were fantastic.