Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brief Respite

I shall not be around the blogosphere for a few days. See all of you when I return--hopefully in a better frame of mind, with something more substantial to say than I have had of late, and with good news regarding the progress on the novel.

* * *

Those Times Between

Thank You, God, for mild spring
and autumn,
those times between when we can catch our breath
and stand
unhindered by extremes of cold or heat,
and recall
there is a rest waiting
for us
if we will but let go those things we clutch
so tightly
their spring colors transform to autumn hue.
Life is
only truly lived free.

c. March 25, 2007
K. Brand


Eaglewing said...

Good luck on the novel and enjoy the blog breather. We all need a break sometimes, hope it rejuvenates the mind frame. We'll be here when you come back around.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Keanan, I've enjoyed all your recent posts; you write so well that it is a pleasure to hop over here and see what you have to say.

I hope you enjoy the the break and I'll be popping over to see when you are back.

Best regards, and best of luck on the writing project(s?)

We all know you can do it--you are highly talented!


The Texican said...

Did I not leave a comment? How remiss. Great poetry.

Anonymous said...

I understand you needing a break. Change is good. I might sometime take a break myself. However, I think you're being a little hard on yourself when stating you haven't said things worth while. You have encouraged me with your writings and given me your time and I think you have substance. Take it easy on yourself. I'll be looking for your return. Your poem is superb! Good luck on the novel writing! I'll be looking for you.

Eamon said...

Hope you have a nice break. Refreshed. And mind brimming with new ideas for your book!