Sunday, April 20, 2008


Didn't write a lick yesterday -- just thought about it.

It's Sunday, so that means more reading of my "Sunday books". Still working my way through one about Job and another about giving.

After that, a swipe at the yard with the lawnmower (assuming it works today).

And then maybe -- maybe -- more writing. To borrow from something I heard as a kid, "Sometimes, I sits and thinks. Sometimes, I just sits."


The Texican said...

Take the spark plug out and squirt a little lighter fluid into the spark plug hole. Then replace the plug, reconnect the wire, and pull the cord. It should start on the first pull. Old lawn mower mechanic's trick. Ever wonder why they only had to pull the cord once when they showed cranked your repaired mower in the shop? Well, now you do.

Eamon said...


How much do the stories of the Bible inspire you in your book-writing (or not at all - you prefer to keep religion separate, maybe). Is the Bible just something personal to you or is it, also, part of your writing life, as well, in general (hope, not being too personal, if so, please ignore ..).
Certainly Lord of The Rings, is allegorical, even to a small degree, of the Bible, I think.

Related to this: as you get older you understand (I get to understand, at least) that the Bible isn't about providing all the answers (although, of course, as Christians we believe that much of the Bible is crystal clear in meaning)- a good examaple, of this, is Job. Why does Job have to suffer in the way he does? Clearly God loves him, so why does he allow Job to suffer so? I love the book of Job because it is just so human (just as great story writing / literature is, in an important, way, as well).


Tex - Thanks for the tip/trick. A little more fuel, a little fiddling with the throttle, and the mower worked just fine yesterday. It sounds terrible though (an older machine), so I'm sure the neighbors are relieved when I make that final swath across the yard.


Eamon - Good questions and points.

Yes, the stories of the Bible do influence my writing. One might not recognize their influence, perhaps, but I do get some character traits or interactions, even some events, from the stories.

As for the Bible being personal or part of my writing life, well, to be honest, it cannot be one without also being the other. What one truly believes permeates all of one's life; it cannot be compartmentalized--not if it is one's true faith. I do not keep my Christianity for Sundays only; it colors all areas of my life.

I can get into a deep theological discussion about Job, so beware what you ask! (smiling) Yes, The Book of Job is a great piece of literature, probably the oldest piece in the Bible, if not the world (although there is some contention that the Epic of Gilgamesh holds that honor).

Why does God allow Job to suffer so? The book I am reading is Let God Be God by Ray C. Stedman. It's excellent, and provides a much more thorough and clear answer than I can in this small space. I write my name on the flyleaf of very few books, only those I want to keep forever; this book is one of them.

Eaglewing said...

"When I works, I works hard. When I sits, I sits loose. When I thinks, I falls asleep." I remember that one from when I was a kid too.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I love that saying, and often think that, "Sometimes I just sits!"


Eagle & Lavinia:

Yup. I think the just sitting part is what I do best!