Monday, April 7, 2008

Man v. Dragon

So, I've just finished re-editing the man-with-dagger-fights-invincible-dragon scene.

And he wins.

The way it unfolds makes sense, and our hero does not walk away from the encounter. He's wounded, the grassland is ablaze, and he can't walk, much less run. I'm leaving him there until I can figure out an escape.

No deus ex machina stuff. No magic or coincidental rescues. And if there is a rescue, it's gotta be as real as fantasy can allow.

Maybe he can MacGyver his way out. Maybe use his fancy dagger, a Dragon scale, maybe a claw or a tooth, cauterize the pulsing wound and drag himself through the flames to--where?

This is a re-write. Haven't thought it through yet.


Anonymous said...

True to you, not using magic as an escape route. It would be nice if there was a handy cave he could crawl to, but being grassland, I don't know. Let us know what you come up with!


I will.

This is one of those scenes I keep coming back to because something's "off" just enough to make me know it needs work.

The death scene of an important villain? One of the best I've ever written. Epic Man v. Dragon scene? Not so epic. Short, even. But it's pivotal, because it'll bring her (the Dragon's) mate out of hiding, where he's been licking his wounds from a fight of his own.

The Texican said...

The sky becomes darker and darker and it's not just the smoke. The darkness takes on a green shade much like pea soup. Suddenly a funnel cloud dips from the sky and rain pours down in sheets. Hero man feels himself being jostled by the wind and he hears the roar. Nothing to do but try and ride it out. The twister picks him up and throws him clear of the fire and he lands near a cool stream. If you get rich off this story, I want an honorable mention and some What-a-Burger coupons.

Eamon said...

Keanan. How far are you in the book at the moment? What have you enjoyed most about writing this books so far? What have you found most difficult to do? And what useful things have you learned about creative writing in general from writing this book.

(From someone looking to be inspired / learn new things for his own book ..)


Tex - If I get rich off this story, it'll be a miracle. But since I believe in miracles, well, how about a copy of the book? It's fat-free, cholesterol-free, calorie-free, but hopefully not taste-free. What-a-Burger will just clog the arteries! (laughing)

Eamon - Excellent questions. I'll write the next post about them, how's that?